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Server ARMA 3 Wasteland Actualizacion 1.4
Bueno como sabrán los jugadores de ARMA3 hoy salio una actualizado a la versión 1.40.129533, el detalle de la misma citado del foro oficial es:

Datos del server:
IP: arma3.jamps.net :2302

NOMBRE: Jamps.net | FullSave | ExtraMissions | Gear | ATM | NoStamina

Slots: 60

MAPA: Stratis

FROM: Encoding Lead
TO: Arma 3 Users
UNIT: Main Branch
ACTIVITY: Game Update: 1.40 (FFV Inertia, AI Improvements)
SIZE: ~1.2 GB / ~675 MB

   Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
   Consider defragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
   A Legacy Build Steam branch is available for advanced users. It contains the previous significant main branch version (1.38). It can be used to compare specific changes between major releases. The access code for this branch is: Arma3Legacy138
   A Make Arma Not War Build branch is available for competitors and jury members. It will contain the 1.32 main branch version throughout the rest of the contest. The access code for this branch is: MakeArmaNotWar
   You can find the servers in the Steam library (switch the filter to "Tools") - "Arma 3 Server" (based on your OS, it will download the Windows or Linux version).
       Administrators can also use the command-line SteamCMD utility. The app ID is to be 233780.
       Physics simulation powered by NVIDIA® PhysX™. NVIDIA® and PhysX™ are trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation and are used under license.

Cambios aplicados a esta actualizacion:

   Added: New style of VR entity:
       * OPFOR - more red
       * Injured - orange specular / ambient
       * Dead - neutral gray specular / ambient
   Added: Config support for the dehardcoding of the number keys and function keys
   Added: Weapon muzzle velocities are now correctly defined per weapon and not per magazine as before (backward compatibility is maintained as magazine initSpeed is now considered when there is no initSpeed defined in the weapon, while a weapon defined initSpeed overrides the magazine defined value)
   Added: NVGs to Pilots' gear
   Added: Stomper cargo is now able to use weapons to fire from the vehicle
   Added: Conflict + collision groups for new actions
   Added: aiRateOfFireDispersion parameter into the base fire mode class with a default value of 1 to introduce basic randomness in AI firing patterns (to-be-tweaked)
   Added: FD support for AND target triggers
   Added: Black variant of the civilian truck (texture)
   Added: Indication of a modded game
   Added: Game version indication to the Pause Menu
   Added: Ability to disable ramp operation on the Mohawk, Huron and Taru by setting variable "bis_disabled_Ramp" to 1 for the vehicle
   Added: Actions for raising and lowering turret. Please note that you need to select a preset again to map these to their default values or set them manually.
   Added: Get in / get out actions for the motorboat, set proper animation states
   Added: Driver animations for the Civilian Truck
   Added: New procedurally generated icons for hand weapons (see documentation)
   Added: Preview of default marker color to ComboBox in Insert Marker dialogue
   Added: New danger cause (dcbulletClose) to danger.fsm (notes in AI Changelog)
   Added: Retexturing OPFOR Ghillie Suit enabled
   Added: New layer to make sound more sharp and realistic while hitting ground
   Added: Retexturing AAF Ghillie Suit enabled
   Added: Plastic_plate penetration material
   Added: BIS_fnc_liveFeedSetTarget can be called with an optional parameter for smooth camera transition: [new target, duration of transition] call BIS_fnc_liveFeedSetTarget
   Added: onHover texture to default mod logo
   Added: Buldozer - Controls for keeping absolute elevation and releasing absolute elevation lock in
   Fixed: Displaying of mod logo in the Main Menu via mod.cpp
   Fixed: Privatization of the local variable _type in function loadInventory
   Fixed: Car fixing wheel animation for the switchMove command (see http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22346)
   Fixed: Camera was sometimes randomly stuck on the closest zoom
   Fixed: Front cargo of Zamak trucks
   Fixed: Silence gap in looped sample of the Mi-48 Kajman
   Fixed: Arsenal meta data were missing
   Fixed: Incorrect Z-ordering of the backgrounds of mod icons in the main menu
   Fixed: CfgPatches for random classes
   Fixed: Issues with a briefing animation
   Fixed: Issue with a wrong KIA state while killing a unit getting out from certain vehicles
   Fixed: Mortar geometries
   Fixed: All stats were visible after hiding and revealing the Arsenal interface again
   Fixed: BIS_fnc_VRSpawnEffect now correctly reflects the object's height
   Fixed: Collision between optics and close context menu
   Fixed: M-900 becomes invisible at medium distance (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=21637)
   Fixed: Weapon accessories ignore 'scopeArsenal' property (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22319)
   Fixed: 'scopeArsenal' now replaces value of 'scope' in Arsenal, instead of being checked alongside it
   Fixed: The explosion of a car can destroy heavily armored vehicles - discovered certain confusion in the functionality of parameters "fuelExplosionPower" and "secondaryExplosion". This fix therefore revised all these parameters, optimized explosions of all vehicles and also added a (hopefully) proper description of relations between these parameters and vehicle destruction explosions.
   Fixed: Prone reload speed for Katiba, Mk200, TRG-20 and Zafir
   Fixed: Speed of cargo idles
   Fixed: Leg memory points were not in proper selections (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20761)
   Fixed: BOOT04 scenario
   Fixed: Possible error message in Supports module
   Fixed: Impenetrable glass door, material on stairs and normal maps for tiles for Ghost Hotel
   Fixed: Possible error message in BIS_fnc_traceBullets
   Fixed: Scripting error in BIS_fnc_VRHitpart
   Fixed: Task completion bug in MP Headhunters
   Fixed: Simulation Manager now works correctly even for UAVs
   Fixed: FFV positions in Civilian Truck. Slightly reduced head shake in one of the get in animations. Zamak should now be entered and exited correctly.
   Fixed: Kart drivers declared so their DLC icons would display
   Fixed: setOwner was incorrectly used on a single module (it's part of a group)
   Fixed: OK and TRY buttons were active even in lite versions of Arsenal
   Fixed: CoF: Orange 3 sniper rifle on the ground would not always be there after restart
   Fixed: FD competitors could receive 1 more magazine on restart compared to the first start
   Fixed: Fatigue was not reset when a Firing Drill was (soft) restarted
   Fixed: Using a more robust method of disabling saves in FDs / TTs (so that CoF: Green does not incorrectly allow saving)
   Fixed: Zamak tires deflate correctly when destroyed
   Fixed: RscHTML lacked x, y, w, h coordinates, leading to errors when created using ctrlCreate
   Fixed: scope parameter used in CfgMarkerColors and CfgMarkerBrushes (1 - visible in editor, 2 - visible in editor and ingame map)
   Fixed: Adjusted tail blade radius for Mohawk
   Fixed: Assault boat front seat was able to aim through the Boat
   Fixed: Several modules now display author properly
   Fixed: Silenced MX should have the correct sample
   Fixed: Commander hatch of Scorcher doesn't disappear anymoar
   Fixed: Titan AA missile had a bad shape while fired
   Fixed: Resolved a conflict of cfgSkeletons classes.
   Fixed: Broken macro in Team Switch dialogue (no visible change in the game, but less error messages in RPT)
   Fixed: Some modules were in the editor wrongly marked as a part of Zeus DLC.
   Fixed: BIS_fnc_loadInventory had problem loading corrupted inventory save
   Fixed: Wrong attachments order in loadInventory function
   Fixed: Adjusted position of optics for static GMG
   Fixed: Further decreased weights of various fences in an attempt to fix vehicle collision issue
   Fixed: Adjusted memory points in tank turrets to prevent shooting through walls
   Fixed: DLC Content Browser - DLC icons made sharper
   Fixed: Diesel Power plant now shows on 2D map
   Fixed: Default turret should not have a copilot capability
   Fixed: Rear door cargo proxies in Huron should now be consistent across LODs
   Tweaked: Rahim reload animation has proper right hand IK curve
   Tweaked: Lowered armor of lights on Slammer, Kuma and Offroad
   Tweaked: Mi-48 pilot shaking view pilot calmed down. Added settleIn free variants for basic cargo anims.
   Tweaked: Tucked in the cargo in the Van
   Tweaked: Adjusted FFV limits for the civilian Truck
   Tweaked: Armex engineers have had to further improve the suspension of the Mora after an incident on Agia Marina military range where a squad of officers was transported and it turned over. AAN reports one wounded, two bruised and three severely humiliated.
   Tweaked: UI textures for static weapons
   Tweaked: Weapon SFX overhaul (sidearms, rifles, SMGs, machineguns and suppressors). Stay tuned to dev.arma3.com for a related OPREP.
   Tweaked: availableForSupportTypes for various helicopters to include Drop and Transport types for those that can perform it
   Tweaked: Car fixing animation for switchMove / playMove commands
   Tweaked: Better support for cutscene animations and playMove / switchMove (more briefing anims)
   Tweaked: Decreased the positive impact of suppressors over the weapons’ muzzle speeds to more reasonable levels
   Tweaked: Steering force coefficient of parachutes
   Tweaked: Memory points of transport trucks
   Tweaked: Pistol <> rifle transition
   Tweaked: Get in / get out positions for the Motorboat model
   Tweaked: Cargo proxies for Civilian Truck (soldier intersecting with van body)
   Tweaked: Sounds have a new data structure. It is a work-in-progress, and the old references to sounds_f\weapons should still work fine for now
   Tweaked: Minor adjustments to MX samples
   Adjusted: Minor volume changes for launchers
   Tweaked: AAF vests visually tweaked
   Tweaked: Additional visual tweaks on AAF vests
   Tweaked: Minor sound changes for static GMGs
   Tweaked: Textures for pop-up targets
   Tweaked: Texture of indicator of modded game
   Changed: Renamed control menuBack to navigateMenu to fix profile customisations
   Changed: Punishment animations are now triggered using playMove instead of playMoveNow in Zeus Bootcamp
   Changed: Identity of VR Entities set so they won’t spawn with any facewear
   Changed: Whitelisted setSpeaker for BIS_fnc_MP
   Changed: Animation state for the land get in action for Motorboat
   Changed: Altis and Stratis were binarized using a new version to optimize loading times and AI pathfinding capabilities
   Changed: Adjusted dispersion of Starter pistol
   Changed: AI detection distance of bullet hit/fly-by & grenade explosion
   Changed: Re-generated general macros for cfgVehicles
   Changed: All new samples for UGL
   Improved: Open / Close ramp commands localized
   Improved: Hit detection in function VRHitpart
   Optimized: Weights of various walls in an attempt to fix a vehicle collision issue
   Removed: Unnecessary NV goggles from the player in Showcase Fixed-Wings


   Tweaked: Showcase Fixed wings - Helicopter hit confirmation is dependent on which weapon the player used (cannon, AA, etc.)
   Fixed: Showcase Commanding will fail if the player disables the Hummingbird
   Fixed: Damage Control: The mission correctly fails if the Hunter becomes immobilized
   Fixed: Common Denominator: Ensured the HUD is properly disabled during the opening cutscene
   Fixed: Common Enemy: Mission will properly fail if Miller is killed by the player after regrouping
   Fixed: Common Enemy: Miller will no longer run out of ammo


   Added: Sound: Helper classes for effect management
   Added: DLC notification for premium gear take actions
   Added: AI rate of fire randomization (new parameter aiRateOfFireDispersion)
   Added: Current app ID property / getter [SteamLayer]
   Added: Indication of a modded game
   Added: Game version indication to the Pause Menu
   Added: Reworked gear tooltips to support DLC notifications
   Added: Script function configSourceModList for listing the whole list of mods that modified a config class
   Added: Command line parameter cfgDependencies for printing a list of all configs loaded with all dependencies (the list is in the order in which the configs are loaded)
   Added: setGroupOwner script command for changing the locality of a group (setOwner will no longer work for objects with AI)
   Added: DLC notification whitelist for selected scenarios (VR Arsenal)
   Added: Sound: Additional sample for Hold Breath
   Added: Enabled Firing From Vehicles inertia
   Added: Drawing an icon next to non-owned drones in the UAV terminal label
   Added: getGroupOwner - server-side script command for retrieval of group locality
   Added: Unique ID to inventory items (for MP - WIP)
   Added: Script command for listing weapon's attachments in cargo (weaponAttachments)
   Added: DLC / mod icons in scenario lists (showcases, challenges)
   Added: Detection of bullets flying close to unit
   Added: Support for changing picture colours in tree
   Added: PhysX library is able to run from network drive
   Added: Support for server-only mods with new console parameter serverMod
   Added: Improved detection of observed kills
   Added: Procedurally composed icons for gear (Documentation)
   Added: New commands for setting colour of pictures in lnb list box type
   Added: "append" script command for appending one array to another
   Added: Scrollbar for long script examples in help dialog
   Added: Supersonic crack in 3D & flying bullets sound
   Added: New script commands enableUAVWaypoints and waypointsEnabledUAV to enable/disable option for player to set waypoints for UAV in AV terminal
   Added: Buldozer - configurable user actions for Ability to lock elevation of objects during terrain sculpting
   Added: Ai will not eject without parachutes, but will jump if heli is close to ground
   Fixed: 3d person view camera shake caused by damage
   Fixed: Added network support for turret elevation
   Fixed: Wrong response for the SetMaxHitZoneDamage network message sent to servers
   Fixed: Unable to switch positions in vehicles in MP
   Fixed: Building game without enabling Dedicated Server
   Fixed: AI reaction to being alerted by nearby explosions
   Fixed: CTD after initializing MenuItem
   Fixed: Menu item at the bottom of the list if its set for the "back" action
   Fixed: Crash while processing disclosure info
   Fixed: ZGM Virtual Reality - Crash while controlling UAV
   Fixed: New NavigateMenu to force new key presets and fix opening the command menu on RMB
   Fixed: All vehicle lights are handled using using context menu actions
   Fixed: Ships are steerable by mouse the same way as ground vehicles
   Fixed: setDamage 0 did not fix rotors for PhysX helicopters
   Fixed: Attempt to fix more PhysX CTDs
   Fixed: Properly reading allowedVote(dAdmin)Cmds in case they are left empty
   Fixed: Tail rotor destruction
   Fixed: Event handler "IncomingMissile" did not return the shooter when added to a laser target object (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=20739)
   Fixed:Crash when releasing XA2Device
   Fixed: Possible fix of sound dropping out during the game
   Fixed: Sound: Waves not included into submix (weapon sounds heard too far away)
   Fixed: CTD when reloading a weapon
   Fixed: Using a directory name as mod ID (modDir) when a full path is defined
   Fixed: Vote / voted admin commands in UI visible according to Dedicated Server settings
   Fixed: Skill of AI units being propagated over the network properly
   Fixed: PhysX scene lock assert when releasing actors
   Fixed: Stick analog axis (gamepad triggers) can be used as triggers for toggled / click actions
   Fixed: AI soldiers planning their path through objects along the coastline
   Fixed: Problem with non-valid PhysX transforms and forces
   Fixed: PersonTurret save backward compatibility
   Fixed: Desync problem after changing locality of a vehicle
   Fixed: Added missing serialization of FFV dynamic limits
   Fixed: Paragliding should not be FPS-dependen
   tFixed: Freefall should not be FPS-dependent
   Fixed: Artillery scope info
   Fixed: Negative axis for clicks, small refactoring
   Fixed: Linux build issue for joysticks
   Fixed: Various warnings
   Fixed: Mouselook without weapons and FFV with lowered weapon
   Fixed: scope parameter used in CfgMarkerColors and CfgMarkerBrushes (1 - visible in editor, 2 - visible in editor and ingame map)
   Fixed: Dedicated Server vote / voted-admin commands pre-init / post-init settings handled properly by UI on a MP clientFixed: CTD and Enable button in controller window
   Fixed: Crash after using tvClear command
   Fixed: Distance sliders in video options
   Fixed: setOwner/setGroupOwner does not work when transferring locality from client to DS
   Fixed: setGroupOwner should only transfer group locality when the group leader is a player
   Fixed: AI could get stuck planning paths from inside to outside of a structure (and vice versa) while in close proximity to the exit/entrance.
   Fixed: Ejected casing are now drawn correctly in 1st person (http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=9159)
   Fixed: Attempt to fix random PhysX ragdoll crashes
   Fixed: Possible CTD in drawing waypoint in radar
   Fixed: Telescopic turret elevation did not sync in MP
   Fixed: Using undefined maths operations in scripts crashes the game
   Fixed: getOwner/getGroupOwner return wrong playerID
   Fixed: Stance indicator visible for pilots
   Fixed: Disabled optics in vehicle after sprinting & getIn action
   Fixed: setGroupOwner can now transfer locality of HC groups
   Fixed: Loading of thresholds for analog controller axes
   Fixed: Strings for axes (plural of axis, not the wood chopping stuff) were localized internal strings instead of OS ones
   Fixed: Passengers should not see broken radar in helicopter
   Fixed: Added detection for local remote players for setGroupOwner
   Fixed: Added support for NaN values for operators and maths functions
   Fixed teamswichCommand does not open TS window, when TS is disabled
   Fixed: Briefing - Game crashes when managing items in the briefing inventory
   Fixed: Crash when accessing an out-of-bounds LOD level
   Fixed: Possible CTD when loading Zeus game saved inside UI
   Fixed: Soldier stops after reaching a position in the house if this position is located under his target position in one of the upper floors
   Fixed: AI reaction to danger should be faster
   Fixed: Incorrect sound on Linux DS
   Fixed: Lock, lockdriver and lockturret also lock ability to control positions in UAV vehicles
   Fixed: Cross-hair should not be visible for cargo
   Fixed: Sling Load Assistant disabled for personTurrets
   Fixed: soldier AI lay down for no reason
   Fixed: cross-hair should not be visible for cargo
   Fixed: Slingload manager disabled for FFV turrets
   Fixed: Possible synchronization issue when splitting long network commands
   Fixed: various issues with disabled personTurrets
   Fixed: Properly reading LOD levels inside a vehicle
   Reinit weaponholder in physx scene and apply angular velocity
   Fixed: FFV turrets enabled state propagation through network
   Fixed: FFV crash when changing position of soldiers in MP
   Fixed: Crash in GetFormationPosImmediate
   Fixed: Crash whet releasing the PhysX scene
   Fixed: Hovering weapons from remote ragdoll
   Fixed: Double press of Enter was needed to switch to external cam in vehicle
   Fixed: Crash when sooting to unit without defined hitpoints
   Fixed: fixed zoom artifacts when switching optics mode in other view modes than gunner
   Changed: In MP all players can switch seats
   Changed: Unlocking hardcoded number keys and function keys
   Changed: setSkill - AI skill can now be set for local units or for any if executed on the server
   Changed: Allowing setOwner to be called the old way - even for objects with AI - for now
   Changed: setOwner now works with agents
   Changed: weaponAttachments renamed to weaponAccessoriesCargo (this set of technologies is not yet ready for use, heavily WIP)
   Changed: Refactor PhysX scene thread synchronization to be more reliable
   Tweaked: Changed the minimal message time prediction delta
   Tweaked: Better localization handling in the paramfile for SteamLayer
   Tweaked: Sound: Fireplaces and campfires
   Tweaked: Backpack / AI inventory MP code refactored (should not change functionality, but clean up the implementation)
   Tweaked: 2D stereo effect
   Tweaked: Improved soldier zeroing precision (by 0.05%)
   Tweaked: Adjusted mod detection for config classes
   Tweaked: Send player position message as high priority once per second
   Tweaked: Report more info on invalid matrices given to PhysX
   Tweaked: Network diagnostics now show only necessary locality info
   Tweaked: Replacing repeated code by methods for joysticks
   Improved: AI will not eject from a plane nor heli, if it doesn't have a parachute
   Improved: Dropped weapon objects now use hidden selections for drawing
   Improved: Progress bar color can be set via the ctrlSetTextColor command
   Improved: Registry keys were acquired and released periodically (merged from DayZ)
   Modified: InitSpeed in weapons - zero value in weaponType::initSpeed means that magazineType::initSpeed will be used (initSpeed set to positive values in a weapon means a constant speed of the weapon independent on its magazine. Negative values mean a multiplier for initSpeed set in the magazine. Setting it to 0 means that the speed is going to be taken from magazine, this equals to setting initSpeed in the weapon to -1)
   Optimized: Registry access

Added: Localization for check box "Use Steam client instead of web browser" on the Options

   Fixed: A crash on start in case the configuration file is corrupted
   Fixed: ConfigurationManager pre-initialization fails when ApplicationSettingsBase has corrupted settings files

   Updated: Stand-alone Windows Dedicated Server (1.40)
   Updated: Stand-alone Linux Dedicated Server (1.40)
       Known issue: Steam client modifies the steam_appid.txt file incorrectly. In case of issues, verify its content is: 107410
       Known issue: Sometimes the add-ons are loaded from the wrong installation (e.g. main game)
       Try adding -mod=curator;kart;heli;dlcbundle to your arma3server.exe shortcut

Signing of XEDE

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My brother is very much into this game. But these days he is busy working for ukbestessay so he don’t have the time to play. I will make sure to tell him about this post, he will be very much excited.


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