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JAMPS :) Ya pasamos mas de una década juntos, gracias por visitarnos! :D

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BioVirexagen Say what you like, but the bench press exercises the strength and mass of muscles best. The wiring should be done after the bench press or as an alternative exercise for the chest muscles to prevent them from getting used to the same loads. After all, the layout of the dumbbells is primarily intended to stretch the pectoral muscles, and not to pump them up. The exercise is aimed at training the middle part of the pectoral muscles. It perfectly stretches them and gives the muscles of the chest more expressive forms. It is best to do the wiring after the bench press. This will give the best effect. Take the starting position: lie on the bench, take the dumbbells and hold them on your hands slightly bent at the elbows. Start to spread your arms evenly, along an arcuate trajectory, and then return them to their original position with a powerful but smooth movement. Do not touch the dumbbells to each other at the top point of movement, on the contrary, leave them at the top a small distance from each other, so you will maintain tension in the chest muscles and thereby increase the effect of the exercise. Exercise similar to the previous one and to the pectoral muscles has the same effect. The only difference is the change in the angle of the bench, as a result of which the main load is shifted to the upper pectoral muscles. Set the angle of the bench equal to 45-60 °. Sit on a bench and pick up dumbbells. Keep your arms slightly bent to reduce stress on your elbow joints. Breathe in and start spreading the dumbbells to the sides until they are flush with the shoulders. Further, exhaling air, begin to reduce the dumbbells again and return to the starting position.



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